Some may say that the early 1980s

Have been a less than ideal time to launch a new Company, as the country was in the midst of one of the worst recessions in history

yet that’s exactly what Mohamad Wahib Moukaddem did, he established PERLA in Lebanon in 1984. Today, 30 years later, the Converting Hygienic Tissue Paper is one of the largest industrial

Constant updates to our equipment, and ongoing training for our group, have supported our Credibility by allowing more than 120 Perla team members including managers, accountants, financial analysts, technicians and engineers, to constantly be on top of the latest know-how and technical evolutions in their fields.

During the first decade of the 21st century our
sales was increased by more than 200 percent
and our exports wasboosted tenfold in the same period into countries including Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, Iraq, Liberia, Malta, Cameroon, Qatar and Ghana.

Family members have continually made up part of the company workforce, including grandchildren. The knowhow, knowledge and experience have been passed all the way from one generation to the third to ensure our dearest client the best product.